I believe everyone can and should sing. With this belief comes a knowledge that with encouragement, we can learn to understand our voices, how they work and how we can best use them. Singing can offer insights into ourselves, and also be an extremely uplifting experience. It is good for our bodies too as it can help improve lung function and posture.

Lessons can be 1 hour, 45 minute or 30 minutes.

From March 2019, I will be moving my teaching practice to London Bridge and will only be teaching on a Monday and Tuesday.

Currently no availability for new students.

Great to meet you and thank you for the first lesson and the notes. I feel more confident about singing already
— John


I work with actors, singers and public speakers to work on building stamina and confidence in their vocal presence. We work on extending technique, vocal health, breath control, diction and communication. Singers from any background are welcome, as my experience spans choral, musical theatre, classical and jazz.



It is never too late to start singing. I have worked with many beginners over the age of 65 who were told when young that they 'couldn't sing' or that they should 'stand at the back so no one can hear you'. Every one of these clients has either gone on to join a choir or volunteered at singing groups for older people.

Read Judith's story here



I have been a professional singer for many years and have witnessed and at times myself, been prone to, certain pitfalls that extensive periods of singing can bring with them. I'm developing a singers well-being programme which looks a maintaining healthy singing and lifestyle to support a healthy voice. 

If you are experiencing vocal fatigue, hoarseness, tension when singing, performance anxiety, or any other symptoms that are preventing your enjoyment of your voice, then get in touch for a well-being consultation and we can devise a plan together to get you back up and running. 

“You have given Ben a wonderful gift, which is to build and shape his voice, and his love of singing. It has been really wonderful to hear his progress and see his confidence in performing evolve. So thank you!”
— Ben's Mum

Gift Vouchers

Do you have a friend or relative that has often said 'I'd love to be able to sing?'

Gift vouchers are a wonderful way to inspire them to take the plunge. They also make an unusual and original present for someone who may be difficult to buy for. All you need to do is decide how many you want to gift, and I will make a voucher for you to print at home.