Singing for Dementia

Abigail first saw the magic of music and dementia when she was a student nurse in 2001. A gentleman with Lewy Bodys dementia hadn't spoken for over a year, but when he heard a singer perform a song which was familiar to him, this gentleman came back to the present for a few minutes, long enough to communicate and write notes for his wife to read when she came to visit. It was a deeply moving experience for all involved and one that has stayed with Abigail since.

 Abigail spend 4 years as lead singing facilitator for the Fleet based charity Music for the Memory, and has recently ended a year long project with Age UK Lewisham and Sothwark to form a group singing activity for the day centre attendees. Music gives an opportunity for staff and carers to be with their wards in an activity which is more about expression than task and allows a healing process to occur. The result of this is more confidence for the person with dementia in using their voice and in their memory, and often when paired with movement, a better sense of co-ordination. Please see the videos below for some of the projects Abigail has been involved in.

If you are interested in speaking to Abigail about organising a concert, a workshop or a project involving people living with dementia please get in touch


Planned Outreach at South London Theatre on the 11th August 2018 at 2pm

Musical theatre workshop based on My Fair Lady - join Abigail and a team from South London Theatre for a fun afternoon of singing, drama and craft. It is a creative session for people with mild to mid onset memory problems and their carers. Free to all!